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Chemical Peel


What is chemical peel (chemosurgery)?

Chemical peel is an alternate method of restoration of wrinkled, scarred or blemish facial skin to a more youthful appearance.

Does chemical peel take the place of a facelift?

This technique is not a substitute for a facelift, but rather is a complementary procedure often performed in conjunction with a facelift. Just as a facelift cannot eliminate fine vertical lines near the upper and lower lips, or "crow's feet" around the eyes, neither can chemical peel eliminate loose, sagging or excess skin.

How is the chemical peel performed?

After appropriate sedation to minimize discomfort, a liquid chemical solution is applied to the area of the face to be treated or to the entire face. The chemical removes the upper layers of skin that are then replaced during the healing process with new younger looking skin. Gentle cleansing with soap and water and the application of a mild facial cream or moisturizer will hasten the healing process.

What results can I expect ?

It's important to discuss your treatment expectations with your physician. In this procedure, a pink, tighter, smoother skin will emerge, relatively free of blemishes and wrinkles in the area treated. In the initial period after the procedure, because of some swelling and "puffing" out of the fine lines and wrinkles, the results may be more dramatic than is the case when the final healing process is complete. Chemical peel may not be appropriate for certain lines and scars, however, it is a safe, convenient way to treat lines and wrinkles. In the case of severe acne problems, large pits may require a second or third treatment, or even surgical excision.

Where is chemical peel performed?

Chemical peel is preformed in the office so that your procedure can be done in a warm and comfortable environment.

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