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Testimony from the staff of Plastic & Cosmetic Surgical Group of New Jersey, P.C.:

Debbie, Office Manager: She has had breast reconstruction, upper and lower blepharolasty with temple lift, moles and skin tags excised, spider veins vanished with sclerotherapy (treatment for spider veins), facial wrinkles softened with Botox and Juvederm.

"I am a breast cancer survivor, since 1999. I have undergone a mastectomy, first stage (expander) and second stage (permanent implant) breast reconstruction (both Drs. LaVan and Steffe were my surgeons for these reconstruction procedures) and an eight treatment course of chemotherapy. I have done extremely well through all of this, due in no small part to the excellent care and caring I have received here at Plastic & Cosmetic Surgical Group of New Jersey, P.C. As unfortunate as the circumstances are, I am blessed to be working in a setting where we care for patients who have the same experience. I have been comforted and encouraged, and have been able to do the same for others. At the time of my second stage breast reconstruction, I also had an upper and lower eyelid blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), and temporal lift. Just a little something EXTRA to make me feel better, LOOK BETTER, and give me a BETTER OUTLOOK!"


Maureen, Administrative Assistant: In addition to her comments below, she has had chemical peels, Silhouette facelift, Botox.

"I have had upper blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) to remove excess skin, and an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) in April, 2001. All of my procedures have had a positive effect on how I feel about my appearance. Both Dr. LaVan and Dr. Steffe are excellent and caring surgeons. I'm glad to have them as my doctors. We also have a great working relationship."


Nancy, Administrative Assistant:

"I had moles and skin tags removed, upper-lid bleparoplasty with temporal lift and lower-lid chemical peel. Not a scar to be seen and I no longer have a droopy eyelid, that bothered me for years! My youngest son was bitten by a dog, sutured, and is also scar free. As for our patients, they are happy with their cosmetic results as well as any reconstruction. Our doctors are fun and professional."


Here’s what our patients have to say:


"I wanted to thank you again for all your efforts involving my procedure. No longer do I sneak peeks at myself in windows or doors as I pass by worrying what I look like. No longer does it matter what color shirt I wear. Also, I must compliment Debbie, your Office Manager. She is very professional and made a delicate situation easier to deal with. Thanks again."

- E.A.


"I just wanted to tell you how happy you have made me! I'm so pleased with the results and I can't thank you enough! I can't wait to go bathing suit shopping and my Victoria's Secret charge is ready too! Thank you again.”

- D.C.


“Thinking of you with gratitude and warmly hoping, too, that all the kindness you have given will be returned to you. Just want to say thank you for always being so nice and for having the patience to answer all of my questions."

- D.C.


"Your kindness meant so much! Thank you for all your personal professional care. This has been a tough time for us, but you have made it so much easier for us because of your kindness and compassion."

- K.H.


"From the moment I walk into the office 'til I leave, the atmosphere is the most friendly I have ever experienced. I truly value the opinion of Dr. LaVan. He is a kind and honest man. How easy it could be for him to push me into spending thousands of $, but he advises me and is honest enough to tell me all the options I could take to improve myself. I cannot say enough. Not only have I met a wonderful cosmetic Dr. - but I have met an office full of kind, caring people who have helped me thru the hardest time in my life. They are compassionate & understanding, and make me feel very good about life. God Bless You All."

- S.G.


“I wish you were my REAL doctor.”

- V.C.


“I am sure there are some jobs that go unrecognized by others, but I could not let this experience go by without giving recognition where it is due. The moment that one enters the office, you are made to feel welcome. The concern and kindness that is showed on every appointment makes you feel comfortable.”

- C.S.


“Thank you for giving me back my self-confidence. You took the time to hear my story and worked to make it happen”

- D.S.


“First, I would like to thank you for your prompt attention and kind consideration. I was a bit frazzled yesterday and you were so patient and kind. What a great introduction to your office. Thank you so much.”

- U.M.


“I would highly recommend Dr. LaVan to any woman seeking breast augmentation. He’s very professional, informative, wonderful bedside manner, and I’m thrilled with my results.”

- T.S.


“What can I say, other than Dr. LaVan is so, so honest! Love him for that! The girls in the office are always pleasant and nice!!”

- D.G.


“I’ve been seeing Dr. LaVan for several years. I have been completely satisfied with every procedure. I would highly recommend him and trust his judgment. Front desk girls are knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly. "

- M.R.